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Choosing the Right College: Part 1- Affordability

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Post 1With over 7000 Universities and Colleges, choosing the right college can be a tedious and precarious task. Since the chosen college would be your second home for a considerable number of years and the foundation of your entire future, the choice would affect more than just traveling and shifting troubles. It is very impractical to even think of going through the entire list of colleges offering your choice of course. So what would be the best method to shortlist and then choose the right institution for your education?

We need to understand that all colleges can be grouped into certain sets based on the features. The first and most practical feature would be the tuition fees. Checkout the database websites that provide information on colleges and make three or four groups of price ranges. Though there is no exact amount in your mind at the moment you will have an approximate idea on how much are you going to spend based on your affordability. Do not include any scholarship programs offered by the colleges [Such as an alumni fund or a college trust] in to discount the prices since there are many criteria and requirements that you would know only once you join the college.
Government scholarships and educational grants can be considered as a part of your affordability since you will have a fair idea how much you qualify for. Then the fringe expenses must be included as well. These expenses are very important since you need have a very peaceful and comfortable personal life in order to learn at ease. The costs include accommodations, travel, food and social expenses. Once you make use of these factors to segregate the colleges offering your course into these groups, you will be able to have a fair idea of which colleges are practically viable for you from the monetary perspective.