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Choosing the Right College: Part 2- Culture

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The wild guess game and hundreds of suggestions flying around makes the time of choosing your college one of the most confused moments of your life. Yet the most significant decision needs to be made with many factors under consideration. In the last posting we discussed the various costs involved in college education. The next factor would be the culture that the college expects and more importantly the culture it has to offer.

This information includes a lot of factors including the communicative nuances, the political and social ideals, religious standpoints, active social roles and the wing or whichever social and commercial philosophies that the college graduates and faculty are partial to on a overall basis. though it cannot be ascertained as a prototype student or philosophy of every individual student on an institution to follow the culture as explained to the letter, it would be a fair assessment to know that the culture would shape and influence many aspects of later lives of the graduates.

The most important reason for such a close dependency of cultural nuances and learning being interdependent is due to the fact that higher education in the United States uses cultural and social scenarios to learn and learning scenarios to associate with everyone in the academic community. This symbiotic relationship would mean a sociable student could be a better learner than one that keeps to himself or herself.

It has never occurred to be an issue so far in high school or prep schools to associate and mingle with your peers as most of them are from the same region if not the same socio economic background. However, travelling all across the length and breadth of the country for higher education is not uncommon today thus making college experience a new page in social communication for almost every student.